Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Menoth Saves! A Look at Propaganda and the Iron Kingdoms. Part Two

This would have come earlier, however real life illnesses are never as fun as the ones in tabletop games. I think I'd rather slowly turn into a Shaft Wight than be experiencing the sickness that is coursing through me right now.

Moving on, part two of our look at all the propagantastic ways you can spice up your gamer den/ tabletop. In our last installment, we looked at the propaganda of Khador and Cygnar. Now we look at Cryx and the Protectorate of Menoth.

My next idea was for the Protectorate of Menoth. As a loyal Khadoran, the Old Faith calls to me. For this one, we took our influences from a combo of old school religious art and the work of Alphonse Mucha oddly enough. For the record, Phrases like: "Let's go all Mucha up in this beyotch!" tend to happen when you send nerds to art school. While the previous posters were built for 11x17, this one needed to be more grand.  The call of the Harbinger can't be just slapped up on a wall. This would be a large scroll, something to hang off a temple to call to the faithful. In fact several enterprising Redditors have made it into wall scrolls, which brought the kind of overjoyed smile to my face that normally only Lil Bub or obscure 90's hentai can bring me.

Good job, Redditor Magasato!

The idea was a grand call to action for the true believers of Caen. Again, Bef supplied some absolutely gorgeous artwork while I began work on the copy. As it turns out, you can think of some pretty convincing scripture in your car at three in the morning. The Harbinger's passage didn't come from any IK book or PP source. Pure West.

With the Protectorate done, we finally turned our sights to the nightmarish hellscape of Cryx. Cryx is one of those factions where I felt it would be more likely that propaganda would be done in reaction to, instead of created by, the Nightmare Empire. After all, the residents are either fanatically loyal to Lord Toruk, or too afraid to not bust their asses for that scaly, sexy beast.

With a Cryx poster my mind immediately went to the ever present submarine danger of the World Wars. There are places in the Meridius that you just shouldn't go, but alas the spice must flow. Cryx is a constant threat, and mercantile concerns like the Mercarian League would probably set up some kind of convoy system to reduce loss of cargo and sanity to the foul Satyxis Raiders of the high seas.

Now I did cheat a bit with this one. As a general rule I've tried to limit the anachronismishness to going no farther than the Great War. But I had to let a little WWII creep in on this one occasion.

After Cryx, we moved on to other projects. Recently we have added a new Protectorate poster. I decided that I wanted a standard sized poster for the Protectorate for a bunch of reasons. When you have the Bioshock Infinite soundtrack in your head, and Tom Noonan does a wonderfully spooky turn as a doctor going over the wounds of Christ to put the fear of Jeebus in some kids on HBO's Louie, you suddenly wanna have an Old Faith Revival.

This one takes a lot of inspiration from the revival posters of yesteryear. The days when a traveling preacher would set up in a tent, the gospel would be blasting, and a whole community would be ready and raring to whack ol' Lucifer in the goolies with a sock full of quarters. Unlike the flowing tapestry of the Harbinger print, this one is meant for mass distribution and looks appropriately weathered.

Rest assured, should I ever make it to Lock and Load, there will be a Menite Revival.....

Will you hear the calling of the True Law
Will you stand with the Maker of Man
Will you hear the calling of the True Law
Or perish in the wastes of Urcaen
-Excepts from an unfinished Menite hymn composed in my car on a midnight drive.

Okay you CHUDs, we're getting into TL:DR turf here. In Part 3 we'll look at things in the pipe for the Hordes factions, and some ideas for those of you who might want to make your own propaganda.

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