Friday, August 22, 2014

Vanilla is not all bad...

Hello Interwebz! I am the tokin' Menoth player in our Meta. I also dabble in Blindwater. I hope to bring you some battle reports of my games. I don't get as much time in for games due to traveling a fair bit but I will strive to bring you something on a semi-frequent basis.

As for the Protectorate of Menoth, we are the vanilla Warmachine faction, see also: the faction of "NO!" We don't have as many over the top (seemingly broken under-pointed models) as some factions. Instead, we rely on something known model synergy. Some basic or plain models paired together can make for some powerful, if not interesting combos.

This is where I mention the Choir of Menoth. They are a 2/3 point squad of 4/6 models that sing to our 'Jacks, elevating them from vanilla to sprinkle-tastic. They have three Hymns they can sing. One prevents our 'Jacks from being shot my non-magical ranged attacks, one stops spells from targeting and the other gives +2 to all attack/damage rolls. For all those who don't face the Army of the Creator often, take the Choir out if you can when facing a 'Jack heavy list. They allow our 'Jacks to reach their objectives rather unscathed and help them lay the smackdown once engaged.

That's all for now, next time I'll talk about how Carpet + Bomb = Fun!

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