Friday, January 23, 2015

The Mad Maximus Force of the Farrow

Let me start off by fully admitting my love affair with the Farrow Slaughterhousers. Since starting the faction two years ago, they have been my favorite unit. This list is my homage to them.

Midas is a neat Warlock that our Faction has with a neat Feat. Pet Cemetery has the potential to be pretty amazeballs. Battle Lust is so awesome on the Slaughterhousers that is it almost criminal when you pull it off.

I run a Razor Boar for the utility.

I am a huge fan of the Twin Road Hog Alpha. Full Boar + Charge + Heavy Flamethrower = AWESOME!. Watching your opponent deal with that is funny. You honestly want them do die so that you can bring them back with Midas's Feat on your next turn. If you can pull it off though, try and light his Warcaster or Warlock on fire, that is pretty funny.

An advance deployed mob of Farrow Slaughterhousers on mop up duty. Eighteen shock troopers with reach, fearless, tough, finisher, take down, and powerful charge. Hells Yes! Charge your already softened up targets and let the slaughter begin. Just don't forget about Take Down. No tough rolls. So sweet. Which ever unit has Battle Lust on it will probably do most of your work here. 5D6 Damage is all I am going to say.

The Star of the Show as it were, Maximus. New and awesome, he is an auto-include here. I have honestly only had him on the table for a handful of games. He is a true Super Solo and I think we will be seeing alot more of Mad Maximus in the future. There is just something about a Farrow Slaughterhouser with a Fellblade that calls to me.

Alten Ashley just because it is nice having a Monster Hunter/ Sniper on tap.

Rulak Mooreclaw marshaling two Buccaneers is so much fun. I love that I get to play with Jacks. I like that the Buccaneers can assault and knockdown models.

Midas's Feat is where your late game is so awesome. And... I raise two undead Road Hogs. Pretty nuts since they are still able to activate if they were not destroyed that turn.

Thornfall Alliance Pact List: 50 Points
Pact Benefit: Farrow Troops are FA: +1 and have Advanced Deploy.
Midas (*5pts)
* Razor Boar (2pts)
* Road Hog (9pts)
* Road Hog (9pts)
* Targ (2pts)
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Farrow Slaughterhousers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Farrow Slaughterhousers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Farrow Slaughterhousers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter (2pts)
Maximus (2pts)
Raluk Moorclaw (2pts)
* Buccaneer (3pts)
* Buccaneer (3pts)

I just need another unit of Slaughterhousers to fully field this list. For now, I drop the Razorboar and a unit of Slaughterhousers for A War Hog.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Had fun last weekend at the Prarie Games Expo Tournament. I ran Menoth, pairing an eKreoss 50 point list with a pReznik 50 point Knocking on Heavens Door list.

I was matched up against Trollbloods for round one. We had issues with the clock and the game was called a draw. My second game was against a Thornfall Alliance Midas list. We ended up playing the Outflank scenario. I elected to deploy first, putting my Sunburst Crews out to 18". I managed to hold my right flank with a Reckoner and my Steelhead Halberdiers. I managed to keep contesting the left due to some pretty horrible rolls against my Steelhead Riflemen. We both made mistakes due to lack of time to game for the past few months but it was fun. I ended up winning by dominating my right zone.

I was happy to have tried this pReznik Theme list. It was fun, a nice change up from vanilla Menoth. It can hit surprisingly hard and still has staying power against an hard hitting armies. pReznik is my favourite Protectorate of Menoth Warcaster.

Knocking on Heavens Door Tier 4 Theme List: 50 points
High Executioner Servath Reznik (*6pts)
* Reckoner (8pts)
* Reckoner (8pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Deliverer Sunburst Crew (Leader and 2 Grunts) (3pts)
Deliverer Sunburst Crew (Leader and 2 Grunts) (3pts)
Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Attendant Priest (0pts)
Steelhead Riflemen (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Attendant Priest (0pts)
Vassal Mechanik (1pts)
Vassal of Menoth (2pts)
Vessel of Judgement (9pts)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Menoth for the W!

It was another great day at the Prairie Games Expo. We had a few last minute dropouts but still managed to pull off a four player tournament. Let me tell you, Steamroller 2015 has some neat new features. While I haven't played too much of the previous Steamrollers, the added choose your own objective feature of 2015 is really neat. The main lesson I learned from this tourney is that having a cumbersome list with alot of complicated activations can be a big disadvantage. I played my Sturm and Drang T4 list against a Harbinger list round one. I lost that one to a tiebreaker. Midas and friends came out to play next. High Executioner Reznick managed to dominate a zone for the win in that round. Midas again for round three. I only managed to squeak out a win against Borka Kegslayer due to scoring three points on my second turn and managing to survive the counter attack before the round was over.

I would like to congratulate Derek Field, who took first place with his Harbinger of Menoth list, winning the tournament in the name of Menoth. His war booty consisted of a Kommondant Irusk poster that was graciously put up as a prize by Matt Valgardson and a $20.00 gift certificate donated by Comic Readers.

We briefly met some fellow Warmahordes players from Yorkton and hope to eventually face them on the field of battle.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

O Maximus!

I was given Maximus as a gift over Christmas. He was shortly assembled and added to the mass of unpainted models that I own. I was having trouble coming up with a list to try him out with. He is so darn awesome that he will be an auto-include in pretty much every non-tier list that I end up playing. I only playtested him in one list so far but my thoughts are that he should ride shotgun with a unit of Slaughterhousers, since they are fearless... and AWESOME! Have I mentioned how awesome Slaughterhousers are yet?

The other option is to have him hang back and act as a bodyguard for your Warlock. This way he shouldn't die within the first couple of turns. You will just have to resist the urge to throw him into the bloody jaws of battle right off. He should act as enough of a deterrent to make your opponent reconsider any half-cocked assassination attempts.

While I play Thornfall, Maximus may grace any of the other Hordes factions with his presence. Have any of you considered adding this Super Solo to your lineup? I know that he will be joining my pMorvahna "Druids and Friends" list as well.

Until next time...