Saturday, January 17, 2015

Menoth for the W!

It was another great day at the Prairie Games Expo. We had a few last minute dropouts but still managed to pull off a four player tournament. Let me tell you, Steamroller 2015 has some neat new features. While I haven't played too much of the previous Steamrollers, the added choose your own objective feature of 2015 is really neat. The main lesson I learned from this tourney is that having a cumbersome list with alot of complicated activations can be a big disadvantage. I played my Sturm and Drang T4 list against a Harbinger list round one. I lost that one to a tiebreaker. Midas and friends came out to play next. High Executioner Reznick managed to dominate a zone for the win in that round. Midas again for round three. I only managed to squeak out a win against Borka Kegslayer due to scoring three points on my second turn and managing to survive the counter attack before the round was over.

I would like to congratulate Derek Field, who took first place with his Harbinger of Menoth list, winning the tournament in the name of Menoth. His war booty consisted of a Kommondant Irusk poster that was graciously put up as a prize by Matt Valgardson and a $20.00 gift certificate donated by Comic Readers.

We briefly met some fellow Warmahordes players from Yorkton and hope to eventually face them on the field of battle.

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