Thursday, January 15, 2015

O Maximus!

I was given Maximus as a gift over Christmas. He was shortly assembled and added to the mass of unpainted models that I own. I was having trouble coming up with a list to try him out with. He is so darn awesome that he will be an auto-include in pretty much every non-tier list that I end up playing. I only playtested him in one list so far but my thoughts are that he should ride shotgun with a unit of Slaughterhousers, since they are fearless... and AWESOME! Have I mentioned how awesome Slaughterhousers are yet?

The other option is to have him hang back and act as a bodyguard for your Warlock. This way he shouldn't die within the first couple of turns. You will just have to resist the urge to throw him into the bloody jaws of battle right off. He should act as enough of a deterrent to make your opponent reconsider any half-cocked assassination attempts.

While I play Thornfall, Maximus may grace any of the other Hordes factions with his presence. Have any of you considered adding this Super Solo to your lineup? I know that he will be joining my pMorvahna "Druids and Friends" list as well.

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