Thursday, July 16, 2015

"A Swamp Tale" Unleashed Campaign: Session One

Session Recap by: Alex Meeres

Tonight at the Dirty Tankard Roadhouse, Chieftain Swampbreath and Joruk Marshwalker were alerted to the lies of three men claiming to be CRS by one Major Tymon Doncastle. The Major challenged the disguised mercenaries, and a furious firefight erupted in the bar. Swampbreath's sonic blast weakened the enemy, while the Major and Joruk fought in close quarters. Among the combatants were two trollkin strangers- Bendek Delleb and Grissok the Bonegeyser, who helped make short work of the men. With the spoils, Major Doncastle discovered a bounty on Bendek, issued by Steel Rain Mercenary Co.

Poor Tank, the proprietor and bartender, admitted that supply chain disruptions made it hard to keep the roadhouse open. Gatormen of Clan Bloodrot were rumored to have dispatched the only trader in the area who dealt with the swamp trollkin.

Bendek and Grissok, each having old ties to the swamp kriel, offered to help combat the gators. The major saw in this an opportunity to go after the huge prey that had eluded him for years. Chieftain Swampbreath led them back aboard the raft to their village to confer with the elder.

While efforts were undertaken to fortify the reed walls and mud huts with a sham minefield, the mighty chieftain planned to recover supplies and the krielstone of Raakmor Kriel in the Wyrmwall mountains. The bog trogs and lake creature that wiped out Grissok's family might still be in the area, but the valuable supplies and krielstone would be important in shifting the balance of power in the swamp.

Enroute up the river that flowed from Lake Haltshire, the travelers and their troll were attacked by a deadly ironback spitter, a turtle-like beast that engulfed Joruk and Bendek in a spew of caustic liquid. Chief Swampbreath's sonorous chanting called his allies to battle. Grissok's sorcery twice flipped the creature on its back so the warriors could shoot and strike at it. When the moment was right, the albino champion split the ironback's skull with a leaping swing of his pickaxe.

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  1. It was a rousing good time. Did I make our chief sound mighty enough?