Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"A Swamp Tale" Unleashed Campaign: Session Three

Session Recap by: Chris Wagner

Tonight, our party managed to add another member to their team. Joruk followed the massive Dire Troll back up to the village from the beach, while the Major got to work stripping the remaining Swamp Horror of all of it's salvageable bits. The rest of the party remained a safe distance from the village so as not to aggravate the Dire Troll while Joruk attempted to bond with it. Approaching with confidence, Joruk managed to have a brief exchange with the beast. He determined that it was actually a female Dire Troll, and that she had in fact built her nest within he ruins of the fallen Kriel. After establishing that his companions were "not food," The Dire Troll shared with Joruk and Tor the remains of the Swamp Horror. After spending a few moments attuning to the beast, Joruk bonded with her.

The rest of the party managed to thoroughly search the ruins and determine that there was nothing of value to be found. There were no bodies of fallen Krielmates left behind, and anything of value seemed to have been already looted. The party did discover the crushed skeletal remains of a few Bog Trogs though.

Grissok assessed the status of the Krielstone which while still upright, was canted at a precarious angle. It seemed as though someone had attempted to topple it but failed in the attempt. After some minor adjustments and help from the Trolls, Grissok managed to free the Krielstone from the earth. Bringing out his stone-cutting tools, Grissok proceeded to carve the sorrowful tale of the fall of his Kriel into the stone, adding the names of his companions who valiantly helped him to reclaim the Krielstone.

Not wanting to return to the Cloutsdown without giving the Bog Trogs of Haltshire Lake a taste of Trollkin vengeance, the party decided to seek out some violence. Major Doncastle was able to determine along with Grissok's help that the Bog Togs had set up a nearby shore encampment. Approaching the shallows stealthy, they spotted a gathering of Bog Trogs greedily carving up the carcass of yet another Dire Troll, a fact which seemed to anger Joruk's new ally greatly.

Combat began violently, The Major downed two of the foul beasts before they even knew the party was upon them, killing their apparent leader in one shot. Bendek, having managed to sneak up closer to the group rang out with a few shots of his own. The rest of the party made their way up the beach towards the remaining Bog Trogs. Having been so completely ambushed and thoroughly thrashed in the opening salvo, the bulk of the Bog Trog force began retreating into the lake. A few of the more brazen Bog Trog warriors charged the Trollkin, but they quickly fell to the combined might of the party. All said, out a party of ten, only two had managed to escape the Trollkin's wrath.

Having vanquished their foes, The party began to explore the vicinity. The half-buchered Dire Troll carcass which lay unceremoniously in the shallows must have been the mate of their own Dire Troll, as she seemed very distraught over the beast's death. The Major quickly began looting and butchering the corpses of the Bog Trogs. Just as he reached the corpse of their leader, it began to drag itself up and attack the Major. Swamp Shamblers! As the corpses of the Bog Trogs reanimated all around them, it was at this moment that more Bog Trog Ambushers emerged from the deeper waters of Haltshire Lake.

This group of reinforcements proved slightly more challenging than the first. Having the majority of the party already engaged by the Swamp Shamblers enabled the rest of the Bog Trogs to maneuver into position for the charge. Mourning the loss of her mate, the Dire Troll was taken unaware and from behind by the Bog Trog Ambushers that emerged from the lake. A few managed to score mildly irritating superficial wounds upon the beast, angering her further. Having been mobbed by slimy fishmen, the Dire Troll turned around and proceeded to trample over them deeper out into the water. The remaining Trollkin began clearing the Swamp Shamblers so as to allow the ranged element of their force to apply appropriate measures.

Once the Major was free to engage the targets that he wanted, he took aim at the Bog Trog that was lurking furthest from the shore, again assuming he was their leader. His sights passed a lurking Gatorman near the Bog Trog he was aiming at and he decided to fire at it first. His shot went wild and he missed completely. Moving his aim back to the Bog Trog, he missed with his second shot as well. Noticing a mist enveloping the pair, the Major ascertained that the Gator and his companion were under the effects of some sort of spell.

It was at this point that the majority of the Bog Trog force was being mopped up. While the leader of the Bog Trogs slipped away, the Gatorman was brought down by Joruk. Managing to wade far enough out into the water to get close enough to cast Stranglehold upon the Gator, Joruk did just enough damage to render the creature unconcious. Lets hope he is able to answer some of the party's questions before their Dire Troll gets too hungry...