Saturday, September 26, 2015

"A Swamp Tale" Unleashed Campaign: Session Four

Session Recap by: Chris Wagner

Scooping the unconscious body of the downed Gator from the lake, the party discerned that this particular specimen happened to be a female. Before they could manage anything more than a cursory inspection of her person, a ghostly apparition broke from the trees and made for their position. Dropping the now bound prisoner upon the beach, Major Doncastle raised the alarm and fired a shot from his rifle at the malevolent spirit. His shot passed harmlessly through the creature and sent splinters flying from the stand of deadwood behind it. Joruk fearlessly charged the spirit and his empowered weapon managed to connect with the spirit's incorporeal form. With two swift blows, the spirit's essence dissipated; ending it's existence.

Once the spirit had been dispatched, the Gator spoke in broken Cygnaran, "More Feralgeists will come." Not knowing if she spoke the truth or not, the party erred on the side of caution and decided to leave the area immediately. Murga, not eager to leave the side of her butchered mate, initially refused. Joruk enforced his will upon the grieving Dire Troll and managed to bring her to heel. Chieftain Swampbreath remained behind to severe the head of the butchered Dire Troll, hopefully ensuring that any Feralgeist could not reanimate it's corpse. He quickly finished his task as more Feralgeists could be seen approaching.

Fleeing the scene, the party began making their way back towards the ruins of the Raakmor Kriel. Scouting ahead of the party, the Major stumbled across the rusted wreck of a Hunter Warjack. Upon closer inspection it appeared that the Cortex had been removed from the 'jack and it's movement systems were severely damaged. The Hunter's weapons were still intact though. Deciding to appropriate the potentially valuable salvage, Joruk coaxed his Trolls into transporting the wreck back to Raakmor.

Once safely back within the ruins, the party decided to set up camp before beginning their journey back to the Cloutsdown Fen in the morning. The Major wished to privately interrogate the prisoner in order to solicit any information about the attack on Raakmor. Grissok was more inclined to execute her, seeking to enact some form of vengeance for the eradication of his Kriel. The prisoner volunteered the fact that she had not been present during the attack on Raakmor, having only recently come to the Bog Trogs of Haltshire Lake. She explained that she had fled from her own tribe, the Bloodrot.

While Speaking to his companions in their own tongue, the Major tried to convince the Trollkin of the valuable intelligence that the pisoner might be able to provide if he was able to debrief her properly. While discussing this with his companions, the Major noticed that the prisoner appeared to vaguely understand what was being said. She gave a particularly strong tell at the mention of the Bloodrot Chieftan. Keeping this information to himself, the Major proceeded with his interrogation.

Meanwhile, Joruk noticed that Murga was growing anxious and ever hungry. He had to step in and stop the Dire Troll from snacking on their Gator prisoner. Deciding to take this opportunity to hunt and train with both Murga and Tor, Joruk and the the two Trolls left camp in order to do so.

The Major managed to get a name out of the Gator, Zorga. He convinced her to reveal much about her motivations and background. "There will be much blood, Kossk grows hungry,"
she issued an ominous warning. She revealed that her "father," the Chieftain of the Bloodrot Tribe, had gone insane with blood lust and she felt that it was necessary to eliminate the entire tribe in order to prevent untold bloodshed.

After managing to take down a Moose, which Murga greedily began devouring on the spot, Joruk was approached by a hooded Trollkin identifying himself as a friend and gave his name as one Jostun Morcleave. He admitted to having been a former member of the Raakmor Kriel and had been tailing the party since they passed through Demonshead Pass. Joruk invited the fellow Trollkin back to camp to meet his other companions.

Zorga and the Major were still negotiating the terms of her captivity when Joruk and Jostun returned to camp. Grissok immediately recognized Jostun as a former Krielmate and they butted heads in greeting. Jostun took immediate offense to the presence of Zorga and rashly drew his pistols on her, demanding to know why she was still alive. The Major was taken aback by this brazen assault by the newcomer and stood in her defense. Grissok came over and quickly dissolved the confrontation by offering a flask to Jostun. Just as quickly, the angered Trollkin backed down and returned to the fireside to share in drink and revelry with his Kin. Zorga, wearied by this exchange, agreed to cooperate with the Major and his Trollkin allies against her former Tribe. Satisfied with this, the Major left her to rest.

During the socializing Joruk noticed the Murga was again acting very peculiar. She was muddling about in the "nest" that she had apparently been building before the party had arrived in Raakmor. Taking into account Murga's odd behavior and after a careful examination by both Jostun and the Major, they came to the conclusion that the Dire Troll was in fact pregnant. This proved to be quite a shock to Joruk.

Grissok and Jostun exchanged stories and Grissok recounted the tale of the fall of Raakmor, explaining that he found the lack of bodies and equipment left behind to be unsettling. Jostun admitted that he had ordered his men to salvage what they could from the Kriel after he had heard of it's fate. Grissok was at first offended by this and called Jostun out for not coming to the Kriel's aid. Jostun offered to barter what salvage he had left with the party on their way back to the Cloutsdown Fen.

After a very busy day and an even longer evening of drunken revely, the party turned in for the evening. Jostun took his leave of the party and bid them to seek him out at his hidden base within the Demonshead Pass, in order to barter for the salvage.

Once morning came, the party packed up and made to return to the Cloutsdown Fen. Leaving the rest of the party to wait for their return, Grissok and Chieftain Swampbreath negotiated the tight passage and avoided the many traps protecting the entrance to Jostun's base camp hidden within Demonshead Pass.

Once there, the pair were greeted by Jostun and his followers, the Cleaver Gang. A great table had been covered with all manner of miscellaneous equipment which Jostun offered them to look over. Chieftian Swampbreath took this opportunity to deliver a rousing speech to the assembled Trollkin of the Cleaver Gang, asking them to join their fellow Trollkin of the Soggy Bottom Kriel in the inevitable conflict with the Gatorman Bloodrot Tribe. Jostun did not take lightly the fact that they were trying to lure away manpower from his operation. He offered Grissok the use of six new recruits and whatever gear he and the Chieftian could carry. A bargain was struck that Jostun would see some sort of favour for this aid in the future.