Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blightbringer, Oh My!

Myself and a few of the boys made it up to Dragon's Den Games for another Warmachine tournament. We had twelve players this time around and it was great fun! Most interestingly, we got to be guinea pigs and play-tested the Steamroller 2016 scenarios.

Since I have already declared all-in on Thornfall for 2016, I paired the two following lists:

List 1: Thornfall Alliance Pact 35 pts.
Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III (+6)
- Road Hog (9)
- Road Hog (9)
Rorsh and Brine (9)
Maximus (2)
Farrow Slaughterhousers (6)
Farrow Slaughterhousers (6)

List 2: Nature of the Beast Tier 4 35 pts.
Dr. Arkadius (+6)
- Targ (2)
- Road Hog (9)
- Road Hog (9)
- War Hog (8)
- Gun Boar (5)
- Gorax (4)
- Gorax (4)
- Razor Boar x4 (Free)

Round 1: The Pit
The Scenario was a large, circular central zone with a friendly flag oriented below and to the left of the zone. You can dominate the friendly flag for one point, the enemy flag or the zone for two, and control the enemy flag or the zone for a point.

I faced Kris, a newer Circle player, he ran the Circle All-In-One Army Box with pKromac. I ran NotB into him and managed to pull off a pretty solid win. I released my RaBo missiles at my opponent and pretty much sent everything else into the zone, managed to get off a solid feat and then proceeded to kill the Stalker, Satyr and Gorax all in the same turn. My opponent failed to contest the zone and I won on scenario.

Round 2: Line Breaker
This scenario had centrally positioned objectives flanked on each side by a pair of flags - four in total. You can control or dominate your opponent's flags for a point, and destroy their objective for a point.

I faced Andrew, another Circle matchup again. He ran pKaya, double Stalker, Ghetorix, double Stones with UA, Sentry Stones and two Feralgiests. I dropped my Carver list into this. I manged to kill one stone from each unit with flamethrower sprays from the Road Hogs, effectively stopping the teleportation hijinks before they even happened. A Stalker killed a few Slaughterhousers and Lightning Striked away but the other one got stuck in was unable to get out of dodge. Carver feated and I took out the one Stalker and Ghetorix. Brine and one of the Road Hogs went after the other Stalker but it managed to stay alive. At this point my opponent had no choice but to go all in for the assassination on Carver, taking a free strike in the process that left her on only one box! Even with the feat, Kaya failed to hit with two of three boosted Spirit Fangs and only managed to put a few damage on Carver. Carver then proceeded to end her.

Round 3: Entrenched (?)
This Scenario had horizontally oriented zones with a central objective in each zone, which you can dominate for one point. The enemy zone can be controlled for one or dominated for two points and the enemy objective can be destroyed for one point.

I faced Jordan, a Legion player. He ran pThagrosh, a Blightbringer, two full units of Warspears with UA, a Warchief and the Pot. I had been eyeing up that Blightbringer since the start of the tournament and I was ecstatic to be matched up with Jordan so that I could have a chance to take it out (The Blightbringer was in both of his lists.) I dropped Carver into him naturally. Knowing full well what the plan was, Jordan kept that monstrosity safely away from my Slaughterhousers the entire game. I put Carver into my zone early and started racking up control points. The Road Hogs and Slaughterhousers went in to engage the Warspears while Rorsh, Brine and Maximus did some flanking. The counter attack actually left both of my Road Hogs still alive, albiet just barely. The Slaughterhousers were his prime targets and he concentrated on dealing with them. I feated and managed to take him down to three Warspears but then It all fell apart once that Blightbringer started coming at Carver. In the end I lost to assassination.

So I went 2-1 and placed third overall. Congratulations to Nick (1st) and Jordan (2nd). I would also like to thank P.G. Jeff for organizing and running this event and Dragon's Den for hosting us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All-in on Thornfall for 2016!

I've joined in a new Journeyman League with the Carver Battle Box for Minions. Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III was the first Warlock that I played when I started this game and I have really enjoyed putting him back on the table so far. With the new Boars releasing this year and the Meat Thresher already out, I've decided to go all-in on Thornfall for 2016!

The Battle Box consists of:

Lord Carver (+6)
- War Hog (8)
- Gun Boar (5)
- Gun Boar (5)

That put me at 12 points.

Week Two, I added Gudrun to the list for 3 Points. He's performed really well for me so far.

I want to go with a Mercenary Theme and so naturally Rorsh and Brine are on deck. I also have Moorclaw and a Mule waiting in the wings.

Carver's Spell list is just such a good toolbox. Mobility and BDTH are a really good combo that super-powers your whole battle group. The Gun Boar becomes a SPD 7 ARM 20 light with a boostable gun to boot. Quagmire, Carver's signature spell, can be very useful making it easier to hit things and pin them in place. I've used it quite successfully so far. I've used Rift a few times in the past but honestly, it's not a go to spell for me.

I see two good uses for Carver's feat. You can either use it on the alpha or try to save it for the assassination. Trying to maximize the volume of attacks to get the most out of it is the tricky part. Just don't forget that 1" Overtake move.