Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All-in on Thornfall for 2016!

I've joined in a new Journeyman League with the Carver Battle Box for Minions. Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III was the first Warlock that I played when I started this game and I have really enjoyed putting him back on the table so far. With the new Boars releasing this year and the Meat Thresher already out, I've decided to go all-in on Thornfall for 2016!

The Battle Box consists of:

Lord Carver (+6)
- War Hog (8)
- Gun Boar (5)
- Gun Boar (5)

That put me at 12 points.

Week Two, I added Gudrun to the list for 3 Points. He's performed really well for me so far.

I want to go with a Mercenary Theme and so naturally Rorsh and Brine are on deck. I also have Moorclaw and a Mule waiting in the wings.

Carver's Spell list is just such a good toolbox. Mobility and BDTH are a really good combo that super-powers your whole battle group. The Gun Boar becomes a SPD 7 ARM 20 light with a boostable gun to boot. Quagmire, Carver's signature spell, can be very useful making it easier to hit things and pin them in place. I've used it quite successfully so far. I've used Rift a few times in the past but honestly, it's not a go to spell for me.

I see two good uses for Carver's feat. You can either use it on the alpha or try to save it for the assassination. Trying to maximize the volume of attacks to get the most out of it is the tricky part. Just don't forget that 1" Overtake move.

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