Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welcome to Mark 3!

For those of you who are not aware, Conflict Chamber is a new Warmahordes Mark 3 online list building application. While Warroom 2 is the ultimate tool for the job, CC came in very handy before WR2 was fully released and I see a place for it in the new ecosystem. There is no model information available obviously. It does exactly what it intends to do with minimal fuss.

Here is an example of the outputs:

The biggest news for Minions players in Mark 3 was the dissolution of the Pacts, allowing Pigs and Gators to play together! Insanity I know. More interestingly, Will Hungerford spoiled the news that all Minions models would be available to Minions players in Mark 3. Hello! This opened up so much list building shenanigans that I can't even begin to fathom the possibilities. The boys over at Matter of Pact do an absolutely great job of discussing the topic. If you have not listened to their podcast before, I highly recommend it, it is arguably THE Minion podcast.

Anyway, I did manage to get in a game against Derek Field at Comic Readers today. I played Sturm & Drang into Hierarch Severius (You can see our lists above.) We rolled up Recon from Steamroller 2016. Derek won the starting roll and decided to go first. As one of our first 'official' Mark 3 games, we decided to play with a soft clock. He was proxying the Revelator with his Judicator.

It was a harrowing game that we ended up having to call due to time. Overall it was fun. The Revelator dominated the middle of the table while I decided to try and ignore it for as long as possible. I made Derek respect the new Spirit Hunter package that we have in Alten Ashley paired with two Efaarit Scouts. Unfortunately, the Protectorate is mostly immune to their shtick due to the Choir's Passage ability. They still threaten pretty deep and provide a strong assassination vector that cannot be ignored. Even though Severius feated all three models off the table, they definitely threatened all the way into his backfield and managed to kill off half the Choir, the Vassal of Menoth and the Hierophant before he did so.

Playing Greygore Boomhowler & Company with Pigs is so much fun, I'm glad that I picked them up as soon as I heard the news. The theory here is that they can act as a medium base screen for Sturm & Drang, something we didn't have available to us with Pig infantry previously.

Lynus & Edrea were nerfed a bit in Mark 3 but I still include them as a useful toolbox unit.

Sturm & Drang were definitely buffed going into Mark 3. Deceleration and Polarity Shield are so useful! Even though his feat does not get around power up, it is a powerful feat that is still very good.